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Take ACTION Now!

Please join us to eliminate commercial aircraft noise from our communities:
  • Call to report noisy commercial jets:
    • SFO's Noise Monitoring Hotline: (877) 206-8290.
      SFO is finally charting "single noise events" rather than an avarage over time!
    • San Jose Airport's noise report recorder: 408.998.0707
    • FAA's Flight Standards District Office: 408.291.7681
  • Let your local, state and national elected officials know that commercial aircraft noise bothers you! The more people they hear from, the more seriously they will consider the problem. Letters to local newspapers also help!
It is imperative that the South Peninsula cities continue the pressure on SFO begun under the leadership of former Palo Alto Mayor Gary Fazzino. There must not be any hint to SFO that the South Peninsula resolve has diminished or must there be any lessening of determination.

SFO is issuing bids for airport expansion while the FAA and Congress have diverted funds for new state-of-the-art technology which might solve some of the overflight problems on the Peninsula! Our entire Bay Area congressional delegation has signed a letter of protest over this matter. Letters to our representatives should thank them for this action and emphasize our displeasure with the stalling of this measure - while the SFO expansion goes barrelling ahead.

It is a critical time for our local city officials to continue to apply pressure!

Your own words are best but check here for a sample letter. A similar letter could also be sent to your state representatives.