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Airport noise is harmful to the health and well-being of children and may cause lifelong problems, Cornell study shows

Internet for Activists is a practical guide to using websites and e-mail in political campaigns.

Leonard Kranser, Editor of the award-winning El Toro Info website has published a how-to guidebook to using websites and e-mail in local politics. Internet for Activists is sub-titled A hands-on guide to Internet tactics field-tested in the fight against building El Toro Airport. The examples of how to create a website, gather content, reach a broad audience, and work with the traditional media are drawn from Kranser's experiences as a volunteer in the El Toro airport campaign.

The Table of Contents, a sample chapter, and ordering information for the book are online at the El Toro Info Site page www.eltoroairport.org/activists.html.

Tom Rogers, author of Agents Orange, The Political History of Orange County observes that, "Written in layman's language, Internet for Activists is a how-to journal of the exploding potential of the Internet as a campaign tool that can be accessed by ordinary citizens to achieve goals of breathtaking scale."

Kranser writes for those who may need to carry on similar grass roots efforts "with hard work, clever tactics, and a miniscule budget." The unique book blends essential technical knowledge with lots of political and media savvy. The result is a practical handbook in layman's language for those who are not computer experts.

Email: editor@eltoroairport.org