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GreenSkies Network

GreenSkies is a worldwide information network of environmental organisations concerned with aviation's environmental effects. The network started as a European initiative, and its members are predominantly based in Europe. However, organisations from all over the world are increasingly joining.

The key issues of concern to the GreenSkies Network are;

a) noise at airports, especially at nights; and b) the industry's growing contribution to global climate change.

The GreenSkies Network works together to exchange information and raise awareness of these issues.

In addition, the GreenSkies Network aims to ensure that the views of the 100 plus partner organisations involved are effectively communicated to decision-making bodies such as the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), and the European Union (EU).

We are currently actively seeking new member groups in the USA with several aims in mind. Firstly to increase awareness of the international effects of aviation; to put US groups in contact with local groups all over the world who are dealing with the same issues. We wish to expand our "knowledge bank" of community airport issues in the US, and how to deal with these, with the aim of sharing knowledge, experience, tactics and so on. We also wish to increase our international membership in order to carry a greater weight in lobbying organisations such as the EU and the ICAO.

For more information, please look at our website, www.greenskies.org, or contact me at vanja@greenskies.org.

Kind regards,
Vanja Bjørke

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