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Citizen's Letter to the City of Palo Alto - October 10, 1997

Dear Council Member:

A citizens group (UPROAR), is committed to eliminating commercial aircraft noise over our communities. We are requesting active support of this effort from the City Council of Palo Alto to help this group achieve its goal of eliminating this growing problem which threatens our health, safety, quality of life.

Our citizens' group formed last May is comprised of citizens and city officials from the Peninsula communities of Foster City, Menlo Park, East Palo Alto, Atherton, Woodside, Portola Valley, and Palo Alto. UPROAR's formation stemmed from the fact that the mediation group known as the Airport Roundtable has been ineffective in reducing jet noise over these communities since its formation. In fact, the problem is getting worse and the San Francisco Airport plans to increase its volume of air traffic over 40% in the next few years.

As you may know from the attendance at the San Francisco Airport Roundtable meetings, citizens are complaining more-not-less about jet noise. This committee has not been receptive to hearing other communities' complaints outside San Mateo County (including Palo Alto) nor do they consider them legitimate. Yet in the past two years there has been a marked increase in the volume of air traffic and a change of flight paths which are now centered directly above our community of Palo Alto. You may have seen the letters and heard the complaints from Palo Alto residents concerning this problem, so you are undoubtably aware that this problem is not going away.

We have brought the problem of jet noise to the attention of elected officials such as Anna Eshoo, Tom Lantos, Ted Lempert, and others. Although they have tried to help, we are looking at different ways to solve this problem, even by legal means if necessary. Already we have retained counsel and have attorneys working pro bono. We are also receiving support and assistance from Foster City Mayor Eileen Larson, Atherton Councilman Bob Huber, airline pilots, and a host of experts in airport noise issues who are providing their resources and expertise to help us find the solutions to this problem.

We would like for the City of Palo Alto to place this issue on its agenda for the next City Council meeting. We further request the Council to give our organization support both in writing and representation in the future until we are successful in getting rid of this insidious problem that threatens to destroy the essence of our community's character.

Thank you for your consideration


Citizens of Palo Alto